Volunteering for RDAQ

Riding for the Disabled can provide exciting opportunities and challenges for people interested in volunteering.

You do not have to have experience with horses to assist at an RDA centre, training is given in regards to both horse skills and supporting the riders. As well there are many other duties and activities e.g. office work, centre maintenance, rider preparation and social activities.

RDA is always looking for volunteers and we encourage people with an interest in serving their local community to make contact with their nearest RDAQ centre and/or RDAQ state office.

RDA welcomes volunteers between the ages of 12-85 years of age.

Some volunteers, after 12 month’s experience, may be looking to take that extra step and train to become a Coach. Coach training involves many hours of hands-on experience, theory and practical work as well as workshops and assessments. Once fully qualified, coaches are registered with the Australian Sports Commission and require yearly maintenance of their qualifications.

RDAQ Volunteer Skill Training Includes

Listed are some of the basic skills taught to volunteers

  • Recognising horse behavour
  • Safety around horses
  • Leading and side walking
  • Grooming
  • Fitting gear
  • Emergency drills.
  • Supporting riders’ skills include
  • Understanding a wide range of disabilities
  • Behavioral issues
  • Workplace health and safety.

The purpose of Riding for Disabled Association of Queensland (RDAQ) is to assist people with disabilities to access the benefits that can be derived from contact with horses. This includes  the physical activity of  horse riding plus the emotional, mental and psychological flow on from the experience of association with positive volunteers. Some centers run Hippotherapy sessions which have added physical benefits.

RDA Queensland depends almost entirely on the efforts of volunteers throughout the state to assist with the delivery of programs, administer centres and care for the horses on who so much depends.


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