Get Involved

There are literally heaps of ways to support and get involved with RDA. From riding at our Centres or supporting our riders, volunteering, sponsorship and donations to coaching and committee positions, anyone with a willingness to help and some spare time can make a difference for our riders.

Volunteering with an RDA Centre is how most people get involved with RDA. No experience with horses or people with disabilities is necessary to volunteer with RDA. Volunteers are provided with all training and support through the RDAA Volunteer Training Program, they are always needed to lead horses and sidewalk with riders in lessons as well as countless other duties including; preparing horses for lessons, maintaining facilities, feeding horses, maintaining and building equipment, fundraising, catering, administration, manure collection and many more!

If you are interested in volunteering with one of our Centres you can either complete the Volunteer for RDA Form or Find your nearest RDAQ Centre and contact them directly.


Riding for the Disabled can provide exciting opportunities and challenges for people interested in volunteering…


The purpose of Riding for Disabled Association of Queensland (RDAQ) is to assist people with disabilities to access the benefits that can be accrued from contact with horses, participation in horse riding and involvement ….


We are always seeking sponsors for various activities. One of our largest events each year is the State Championships, where individuals and businesses have the opportunity to sponsor classes and event sections….