Meet the RDAQ Team

It takes a diverse team with a shared vision and agreed guiding principles to support RDAQ Member Centres throughout Queensland.

Organisation Structure is designed to support the delivery of quality, safe, equine-assisted programs by its members throughout Queensland.

The RDAQ Board brings together a wide range of experience and skills to guide the organisation in achieving the objectives of the RDAQ Constitution:

  • operate in accordance with the Association’s values and guiding principles to achieve the Vision.
  • support affiliated Member Centres to consistently deliver contemporary best practice equine-based services to persons, from 3 years of age, living with disability, and Riding for the Disabled (RDA) volunteers in Queensland.
  • collaborate with government agencies, non-government organisations, industry, and community groups to progress the Association’s mission.
  • build knowledge and understanding among key stakeholders and community members about the benefits to persons living with a disability of the services offered by Member Centres; and
  • manage and build the financial and administrative capacity of the Association to support the safe delivery of quality services to meet the diverse needs of persons, aged 3 years, living with a disability, and to ensure the sustainability and viability of the Association.

RDAQ works closely with the Riding for the Disabled Association of Australia (RDAA) Executive to develop policies and resources that reflect the changing needs of its member centres, their volunteers, and the people with disability who use their services. RDAQ advises on relevant national policies and accreditation standards for rider health and safety, horse welfare, coach and volunteer training, and centre management. RDAQ collaborates with government agencies and industry representatives to raise awareness of the work of RDAQ and to secure support for its members.

RDAQ is honored to have the advice and support of national and internationally accredited Para-Olympic coaches and judges.

As a registered charity and not-for-profit incorporation, RDAQ reports to and is bound by the requirements of the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission; the Queensland Office of Fair Trading, and the Riding for the Disabled Association of Australia.

The role of each Board member is to assist new and existing Member Centres to:

  • progress the RDAQ’s mission
  • consistently meet the RDAA accreditation standards, and
  • share information and resources to improve the quality and safety of all RDA services across Queensland.

The five (5) elected members of the Board bring a wide range of diverse skills and experiences. These span coaching children and adults living with disability, volunteer recruitment and support, horsemanship and horse welfare, and management of financial and administrative systems as well as working with key partners within the sporting, disability, and equestrian sectors to achieve mutual goals.

The members of the 2023 Board are:

  • Coach Representative: Maggie Rippey
  • Chair/Volunteer Representative: Robyn Mapp
  • Horse Welfare Representative: Vacant
  • Consumer Representative (Riding): Boaz Bernstein
  • Consumer Representative (Non-Riding): Vacant
  • Governance Representative & State Secretary: Diana Adderley

The RDAQ Board is supported by a full-time Administrative Officer and a small part-time administrative team. Together they work to assist RDAQ members to meet all financial, administrative, and legal requirements of the Queensland Associations Incorporations and other Amendments Act 2020, and the Financial and Performance Management Standards 2019.

The State Administrative Officer, Diana Adderley, is the initial contact for all questions about the opportunities provided through RDAQ.

If you wish to contact Diana or one of the focus area representatives, please email or phone 07 3408 6942.

The RDAQ State Office hours are 8.00 am to 4.00 pm, Monday – Friday.