RDA Programs 




Sponsor RDAQ

We are always seeking sponsors for various activities. One of our largest events each year is the State Championships, where individuals and businesses have the opportunity to sponsor classes and event sections.

Sponsor a horse

Maintaining horses is an incredibly costly exercise – we are always seeking sponsorships to assist in giving our horses the very best care. Horse sponsorships allow RDAQ to purchase new, specially fitted equipment, access the best farrier and veterinary care and provide them with quality training to ensure they are suitably prepared for their career as an RDA horse.

Horse Sponsors receive quarterly updates and photo opportunities with their horse and added to the RDAQ Sponsors Page with links and advertising.

Horse gear is embroidered with Sponsors logo/name where possible, and sponsors are added to our RDAQ mailing list and invited to all events.

If you are interested in Sponsoring a Horse please have a look at our Horse Procurement Program page for our current horses and contact RDAQ for more information.

To sponsor your nearest RDA Centre you will need to contact them directly.