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Riding Sessions

Riding Sessions are at the core of our riding programs – the horse – is a unique character with the ability to unlock their riders’ hidden talents and abilities. Nothing can beat the physical, psychological and social benefits of spending time with a horse in the open air.

RDA Hervey Bay offers horse riding lessons for people living with disability aged from 3 yrs. Group and individual lessons are held in fenced arenas under the supervision of accredited coaches and trained volunteers. Each lesson is designed to meet the personal goals of each rider and their health team.

For some horse riding is a social activity, for others it can become a competitive sport at a Local, State, National and International level. Most para-equestrians start their careers at a local RDA Centre in their state.

The RDA experience is positive, progressive and interactive.


The objective of riding dressage for people living with disability is to improve balance, control, mobility, general fitness, self-esteem and freedom. Riding the movements required for a dressage test and maintaining good rhythm will help fulfil these goals.

The objective for the dressage horse is to develop physique and ability harmoniously. Dressage movements help make the horse supple, loose and flexible, but also confident and attentive, thus achieving perfect understanding with the rider.

In RDA Hervey Bay the horse and rider perform a series of predetermined actions, known as ‘figures’ or ‘movements’ such as riding a 20m diameter circle or down the centre line of the arena.

In competitions the horse has to show smooth transitions between and within paces (walk, trot and canter). As part of our dressage sequence our riders will perform walk tests as well as trot and canter tests for both independent and lead participants to allow for the different levels of ability of our riders.

All RDA riders are able to have a ‘çaller’ to help them remember the movements of dressage test while Vision Impaired riders can have the letters called plus a commander in the arena calling the invisible letters along the centre and quarter lines.