Being a person with a physical disability at 28, I sometimes felt that I didn’t have much to offer an organisation or business. I started with Mackay Riding for Disabled in 2003 and am still there! I work mainly in the administration area, but once you become involved with the RDA, you realise that there are many other duties and chores that are open to you. Riding for Disabled was at first a new organisation to me, but after all of these years working with wonderful dedicated volunteers, riders, families and other relevant stakeholders – I have become very attuned to what RDA is all about and just exactly what joys, pleasures and benefits that it brings not only to the volunteers, the riders but to their extended families, carers and other organisations. Just to see the beautiful smiles on all of the faces makes everything so worthwhile. Throughout the years that I have volunteered at MRDA, I have also made some lifetime enduring friendships. The whole RDA experience is one that I will never forget.

Lisa West
RDA Volunteer

I originally became involved with Mackay Riding for Disabled through my love of horses and wanting to work with horses. However when I went to MRDA I found that there were wonderful people there and I started to form great friendships with some of these people. I look forward to going to the centre to help with the lessons or wherever I may be needed. I love seeing the smiles on the children’s faces. I sometimes just sit down while the lessons are on and watch the joy on the families faces. This is what makes Riding for Disabled important to me.

Barbara Boyd
RDA Volunteer

I was introduced to Mackay Riding for the Disabled by a friend who had been involved for some time. Although I only had minimal experience with horses, I thought I had enough knowledge of the basics that I could be of help. I found I also received tremendous support from the other volunteers and coach to broaden my knowledge and to then take on more responsibility. I saw from the outset the value of this worthwhile service and the important role it plays on the everyday lives of the clients we have attend the centre. Just seeing them develop and the overall improvement is very rewarding. Some clients talk constantly during their lessons while others say very little, one thing remains constant their happy smiling faces.

Judi Hutchinson
RDA Volunteer