Volunteer for our centre

Riding for the Disabled can provide exciting opportunities and challenges for people interested in volunteering. Over the period from 2001 to 2006 RDAQ experienced a 35% increase in rider numbers and we now have over 1200 riders registered in Queensland.

Being and RDA volunteer is a life changing experience. You get to watch children grow and develop abilities that to anyone else may seem basic but to them is a milestone. You see a smile on each and every face each and every session. You see children that don’t speak laughing and being involved with the lesson. We watch children grow up and develop in ways that may not have been so advanced if they did not get the opportunity to ride a horse and develop not only physical strengths and abilities but also strengthen their minds allowing them to complete tasks they may not have been able to do under normal circumstances. The fun doesn’t stop when the session ends either. You will find many of us playing with some of the riders during the morning tea breaks. Whether it be playing hangman on the whiteboard or running around outside, you will never be bored.

You do not have to have experience with horses to assist in a RDA centre, training is given and there are areas to collaborate in that are not connected with horses, such as making cups of tea and becoming a committee member.

We are always looking for volunteers and we encourage people with an interest in serving their local community to make contact with us and become a much needed volunteer. We offer quality education, training and support to our volunteers and we are looking to see our coach and volunteer numbers increase by 25% in centres operating throughout Queensland. If such an increase were realised, riding programs could expand, thus reducing waiting lists and increase the quality of life for those who are disadvantaged and vulnerable in our communities.

Remember RDA Centres in Queensland are predominately run by volunteers and without this supportive base many RDA centres would have to close their doors. If you think you can assist in any way please do not hesitate to contact us or the RDAQ state office who can supply you with the details of the centre closet to you.

Some volunteers are looking to take that extra step and train to be a Coach with RDA. Coach training involves many hours of hands-on experience, theory and practical work as well as workshops and assessments. Once fully qualified, coaches are registered with the Australian Sports Commission and require yearly maintenance of their qualifications. If you are interested in becoming a coach with RDA, contact your closest Centre to begin volunteering.