RDA Maryborough Testimonials

just wanted to let you know that Lydia said she had an awesome time today and that she was proud of herself!! She said she couldn't believe she done that! I have never heard her say that which was just wonderful to hear. Thank you so much. See you all after the holidays.

M. Burton
Parent of Rider

As a teacher at Hervey Bay Special School and a great supporter of Maryborough Riding For the Disabled I have pride and appreciation for both my students and the volunteers at MRDA. I have never had a group of students that have embraced the riding experience so willingly and this is solely due to the positive and supportive attitude of the team at MRDA!!! Just looking at my students faces demonstrates to me how much they love their time riding and the fact that each and every student has embraced this experience is solely due to the beautiful people at MRDA.

Vicky Dearness
Teacher at Hervey Bay Special School and enthusiastic RDA volunteer

My two son's have Asperges & ADHD & they rode for the first time on Saturday & they loved it.The coaches & volunteers did a great job & I had complete trust in them.Thank you so much RDA

Kate Zikking
Parent of rider

Thanks for the amazing job you all do. Our grandson, Khan loves riding days and was so proud of his " gold cup " he won.

Mel Moffett
Grandparent of rider

My daughter adores her RDA sessions, it barely feels like therapy when it's so much fun but we can see it helping in lots of areas.

Karla Hoffmann
Parent of rider

Thanks again to you all. The service you provide out of the goodness of your own hearts is amazing!

Wendy Tong
Parent of Rider

Wonderful organisation. You make such a difference. Keep up the good work.

Aubrey Rigby
Parent of Rider

As a recently recruited volunteer at RDA Maryborough I am constantly amazed at the changes many of our riders have made in their posture and confidence since commencing riding with us. In several cases Parents have commented on how much their child has improved. I think this is what it is all about, the big smiles when they arrive and put their helmets on and obvious enjoyment as they ride their horses. This is what makes being a volunteer so worthwhile.

Bruce Thorpe