Shylo Harding (RDA volunteer) wins award

We are very pleased to advise that one of our volunteers – Shylo Harding has won the Individual Achievement Award at the 2014 Disability Awards for the Fraser Coast Region. Well done Shylo we are all very proud of you and think you deserve this recognition for everything you do for us.
The following is the letter we sent in with our nomination for Shylo, I am sure you will agree she is a very special young lady.

“Shylo has been involved at Maryborough Riding for the Disabled for the past seven years; initially as a Maryborough Special School disabled rider and now a Volunteer and is regarded as both a friend and a work colleague to others associated with Maryborough RDA. She is legally blind but is still able to saddle and care for our horses unsupervised. Shylo rides our horses under the supervision of a coach and alongside other volunteers to exercise them. She has her own horse and is able to care for him by herself. As a person with a disability she is a great Ambassador for our Association in the wider community.
Shylo is well liked by all members of our Association and Support Centres and is very willing to lend a hand, where able. Shylo completes all tasks allocated to her by the President and the Coaches with accuracy, reliability and a positive disposition (caring for grooming and tacking up our horses, assistance with saddlery maintenance; caring for the disabled riders by preparing riders for their lessons, ensuring they are ready in a timely manner, and entertaining the riders while they wait).
Shylo displays sound judgement, tact, honesty and integrity at all times. She works subtly and quietly to get her work done without making a big deal of her accomplishments. Shylo has very strong interpersonal skills that projects a warm, cheerful attitude to our clients. She can resolve conflicts between the disabled riders and handle other difficult situations with remarkable patience and admirable tact. Shylo is particularly good with our younger riders and is able to achieve excellent results with them through empathy and understanding.
I have seen Shylo blossom from a young school girl to a confident young woman who does not allow her disability to stop her achieving whatever goals she sets herself. She loves people, works hard, and always tries to lift the spirits of those around her. I believe these characteristics represent all that is good in our organisation, and I am pleased to nominate her for the honour of Individual Achievement Award.

Noel Ryan, President”