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Horse Procurement Program

Horses that work for RDA are of many and varied backgrounds. Often of a more mature age, many RDA horses are donations or long term leases from local horse owners whose horse is in need of a change of lifestyle. While RDA work is often not physically taxing, the requirements are considerable; soundness and an exceptional temperament is paramount.

Generally the horses working in RDA Centres are:

  • Of a quiet disposition
  • Sound and with good gaits
  • Between 6 and 18 years of age
  • Between 12hh and 16hh
  • Good doers and horses that do not require shoeing are preferred but not mandatory.

All RDA horses must be trialled and assessed for suitability at a Centre before commencing RDA work. This generally entails a minimum six week trial for new horses.

Desensitising the horse to having many people around, wheelchairs and special equipment, the mounting ramp and mounting procedures all take time and it is important the horse is happy to undertake the work required. All RDA horses are thoroughly cared for with veterinary and farrier attention, most Centres have sponsorship programs to cater for the horses needs.

While RDAQ has often assisted Centres to obtain the horses they need, the formal Horse Procurement Program was established in 2014 to assist Centres to maintain and replenish their horse herds with pre-trained and assessed horses at a minimal cost.

If you are interested in Donating a Horse to RDA, please contact RDAQ and we will be in touch.