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RDAQ 2016 Information

RDAQ 2016 Information
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Attention Members:
Happy New Year – and what a busy 2016 it is going to be for RDAQ!
I am writing to bring some important information to your attention regarding RDAQ operations.
There have been some changes to the composition of the RDAQ Board as we have received resignations from Megan Wray, President and Karen Innes Walker, General Board Member of RDAQ.
Megan has been a highly valued President of RDAQ who has contributed significant time and energy to the Association and has been involved in a number of successful initiatives including running Coaches Workshops, the State Championships and building important and valued relationships with our Affiliated Centres. On behalf of the RDAQ Board, I wish to thank Megan very much for her time and wish her all the best in the future. Megan has generously indicated that she will be available to assist RDAQ as required going forward.

Karen was likewise a valued member of the RDAQ Board and although her tenure was short, she provided valuable time and expertise to the Association for which we are very grateful.
In light of Megan’s resignation, I, Trish Hollis, have been appointed to the role of Acting President until the 2016 AGM in September this year. I look forward to serving the Membership of RDAQ and helping the Association continue to go in its success.
RDAQ is also excited to welcome two additional General Board Members: Ms Isabel Kratzing and Ms Tami Simpson. Both Isabel and Tami are professionals with previous Board experience and we are excited by the depth of legal and financial experience that they will respectively bring to the Board. They will join recent Board appointees Larry Prosser and Lisa Kirkup who also bring with them significant commercial business experience to the Board.

Current Board
The new composition of the Board (effective 7 January 2016) is set out below:
Acting President: Trish Hollis
Vice President: Larry Prosser
Treasurer: Kerry McLean
Secretary: Lisa Kirkup
General Board Members: Susan Shannon; Brian Shannon; Isabel Kratzing; Tami Simpson
As you are aware the RDAQ AGM will be held on 16 January 2016 at 1.00 pm at the Crowson Park RDA Centre, 129 Crowson Lane, Greenbank.
We welcome all RDAQ Members to join us at this AGM.
To Centres, we remind you that should you not have a representative that is available to attend the AGM, you are able to appoint a proxy to vote at the Meeting. These proxies can be appointed on the basis of open proxy (gives the person carrying the proxy to vote as they see fit rather than a directive)  
Special General Meetings
At the conclusion of the AGM, RDAQ will be holding two Special General Meetings to discuss the outcome of the Membership of the Pender and Cartmill RDA Centres. Members are invited to attend these meetings also.
Should you have any questions regarding the matters raised in this letter, please do not hesitate to contact RDAQ on .
Kind regards,

Trish Hollis, Acting President,
RDAQ on behalf of the RDAQ Board. 
07 3888 5277

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January 14, 2016


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