About RDA Crowson Park

The idea of Crowson Park RDA started in 1988 when Joe Wright had volunteered at Dalson Park and realised there was nothing in our area. He had used horse riding himself to recover from his paraplegia following brain injury. It was started at Waterford Pony Club, where RDA was allowed the use of their grounds. This was great but all of the horses and equipment had to be trucked there every week. After searching for a suitable property, 129 Crowson Lane was purchased. It consisted of 5 acres which had a main shed with no driveway or fencing and was covered in bush. After a lot of hard work from Elizabeth, Joe and with the help of council and private contractors to build the carpark and fences Crowson was officially opened in 2000. Crowson Park continues to operate and is run entirely by volunteers. As well as our riders, we also welcome community groups to visit our centre and watch our lessons.

RDA Crowson Park Team

Today our centre is managed by a committee which consists of volunteers.

President and Level 1 coach : Linda Gaffaney

Vice President : Helen Tidy

Secretary and Level 1 coach : Madeline Eadie

Treasurer :Trish Chellingworth

Level 1 Coach and Volunteer Coordinator : Linda Crocker

Rider Representative : Gina Bird