Joy Seiffert – RDA Volunteer

“I am a volunteer at the Cartmill Community Centre, Burpengary Riding for Disabled, and have been for many years.

I am constantly amazed at the continuing growth in all areas – in the numbers of both riders and volunteers – the improvements always being made to the grounds and out-buildings – the wonderful work being done by volunteers who are the backbone of the Centre.

There is a great awareness of the Centre’s work and program. The interaction between people with disabilities and the broader community, Service clubs – Rotary, Lions, Quota, VIEW, Tuesday Club – as well as other organisations give their support. This enables us to continue in our aim to enhance the quality of life of a person with a disability.

I find my involvement with Cartmill a very worthwhile experience. To see the bonding of someone with a sensory impairment and a horse; the benefits and joy the rider gets from the experience; the lasting friendships that develop between staff and riders; all go to making the Cartmill Community Centre a very special place!”.


Mark Lane – RDA Rider

“Hi, my name is Mark. I am a rider at the Cartmill Centre, Burpengary Riding for Disabled.

I am training to be a volunteer to lead the horse while others with a disability ride. This gives me a big job to do – something you can do when you are at school or afterwards, like me. 

My special horse is Beauty, an ex-pacer, and I love her. I don’t even mind picking up her manure as part of my job. But if I could, I would like to have Beauty as my lady horse and Snoopy as the male and keep them at home with me. This would be wonderful. 

Coming to Cartmill once a week is the highlight of my life. I have made many, many friends here. We riders with a disability understand each other and this is our club. We give each other support. The Cartmill Centre is an amazing place… I just love coming here!”.