About RDA

The Cartmill Community Centre of Burpengary Riding for Disabled Assoc Inc. was started in 1986 by a small group of helpers. They had one horse, four riders and a dream! Their philosophy … to make the world a better place to live – especially for people with a disability.

Over the next few years the Centre increased to six (6) horses, which were transported to the grounds on Riding days. Approximately twenty (20) riders attended the riding program on Saturday afternoons. In 1988 we moved to our current site at Kilkenny Drive Burpengary, where we were the first sporting association to lease the Shire grounds. We currently occupy twenty one (21) acres along Burpengary Creek with twenty-two (22) horses..
We have developed several trails through the bush, as well as an Adventure Park complete with trotting lane, where the more adventurous riders can experience the thrill and excitement of a trotting horse in a controlled environment, safe for both the horse and the rider. To further help the mobility of our riders there is a games program, a playground for children, a Liberty swing and the tractor trekker. Both the Liberty swing and the tractor trekker have wheelchair access. Courage at the Centre is inspirational.

Over the years we have had several events which have impacted greatly on our Centre. In 2007 we were unable to operate for several months due to the Equine Influenza outbreak that affected South East Queensland. There was no rider activity during this time, with very little donations. This made it very hard work for volunteers to maintain our horses and grounds.
2009 we suffered a great calamity when a tsunami like flood hit us in minutes. The great force swept many of our horses away. One of our horses Holly, was recovered a couple of kilometres away after being washed under three bridges. The water rose very quickly and receded equally rapidly leaving one of our horses stranded over the grandstand. His injuries were such that he required three (3) months at the Samford Animal Hospital. He is now back ‘at work’ supporting our riders. The RSPCA came down Kilkenny Drive in a boat to help the remaining horses to swim up Kilkenny Drive to higher ground. Many horses were suffering hyperthermia and shock and vet students put them on drips and neighbours provided blankets and towels. Again it was a few months before the program was up and running.

In 2011 when all of south East Queensland flooded, we were prepared and had moved our horses to high ground. However, the tack room and clubhouse facilities were totally submerged and all of our arena and playground fill was washed away.

The floods were so close together (eighteen months) that we suffered significant damage to most of our saddlery, all of our office equipment, computers, records, etc, fences were swept away and our two (2) month old tractor was totally submerged.

The assistance of our community has us back on track but we are still replacing many of the resources acquired over the years.